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Man Get's Drunk 5 Days In A Row To Test Hangover Cures

So, you had a great St. Patrick's Day Weekend?  And by great, I mean you only threw up twice and woke up fully clothed.  Now it's time to pay the Leprechaun for your sins.  I always relied on an Irish Coffee and a fist full of bacon to shake off my hangover symptoms.  But according to the video below that might not be the best way to relief.  Sam Matthews of Vocative takes one for the team and get's wasted 5 days in a row to find out which hangover cures work the best.  

WARNING: This video contains one of the best vomiting scenes ever! 

Do you have any hangover cures to help the miserable after a St. Patrick's Day Weekend?  Let me know in the comments section below.

Photo by Mike Burns