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#Local420Meeting The New Pink Floyd Video Will Haunt Your Dreams

It's been 20 years since Pink Floyd released their last studio album, The Division Bell.  Some may say The Final Cut was the last "real" Pink Floyd album and everything that came after that was shit.  I agree, the post-Roger Waters Floyd lacked some of the emotional intensity and grandiose drama that made the pervious releases so great.  But the "Gilmour Floyd", as I like to call it, had moments of greatness too.  It was all the high without the paranoia.

The Division Bell's 20th anniversary will be celebrated with a Super Deluxe Reissue that includes remastered vinyl, 5.1 Bluray remix, surround sound remix, and many other goodies which can be viewed here. Between this, the Zeppelin reissues, and the Soundgarden Superunknown Super Deluxe Reissue, I'll have to take out a second mortgage.

A new video for the track "Marooned", directed by Aubrey Powell of Hipgnosis, will also be included in the box set.  It starts out with some beautiful footage from the International Space Station and ends with bleak footage of an abandoned Russian town with a mysterious old man scurrying among the ruins and the ghost of a creepy little girl lingering around an apartment building.  Enough to scare the bejesus out of you after smoking a fully packed bowl.

The Division Bell photo by Brandon Carson