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LA Beast Becomes The Burger King By Taking In Over 6000 Calories

Behold the miracle of science that is the LA Beast.  He's taken down bags of Gummy Bears, chugged gallons of Hot Sauce, and woofed down hundreds of McDonald's Chicken Nuggets.  Why?  Because AMERICA, that's why!

In his latest culinary suicide attempt, he takes on the Burger King Challenge by attempting to eat a hamburger, cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, double bacon cheeseburger, Junior Whopper, Whopper, Angry Whopper, Double Whopper, Triple Whopper with cheese and - instead of the new King Burger which wasn't available - another Whopper.  Or, what LB calls, "Lunch".  

He also adds the masochistic variable of wearing a shock collar so his roommate can snap him out of any desire to not blow out his small intestine. Don't worry, his roommate is an EMT.  I hope I never get him in an emergency.

Is it wrong for me to feel like grabbing a Whopper after watching this?  Nahhh...


Burger King photo by Kevin Ballard