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Kim Novak Was A Babe Back In The Day

During last night's Oscars twitter was a buzz after Hollywood Legend Kim Novak presented the Best Animated awards with Matthew McConaughey. Ms. Novak is 81 years old and has obviously had some cosmetic work done.  One of the funnier tweets of the night came from local author Rodney Lacroix: 


Yeah..I laughed.  I'll see you and Mr. Lacroix in hell where he's already set up a publishing deal with Beelzebub.

While many others joined in on the weirdness, many others defended Ms. Novak.  Unfortunately the internet can be a cruel place where opinions fly fast and furious and feelings get trampled like Mufasa in 'The Lion King.'  Also, being a female actor in Hollywood is no easy gig.  Novak actually made only a few movies before going into semi-retirement in 1965. I just want to remind people that she was a classic Hollywood beauty back in the day.  Check her out in what be her most famous film, 'Vertigo':

If I'm lucky enough to make it to 81 I hope my Nursing Home is just as galmorous as The Oscars.


Thumbnail photo from Getty Images.

Kim Novak photo from Diako2011