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Kevin Bacon Calls Out Millennials, Praises Parachute Pants

In this gripping PSA made for Mashable, 'Footloose' star Kevin Bacon tears into Millennials for their dependence on technology.  All of his points are true. For my fellow Gen X'ers, can we even remember what it was like before the internet?  How the hell did we survive?

In addition to Mr. Bacon's points, there was no free on-line porn either.  If we were lucky, we'd discover our Father's secret Playboy stash and snap one off before he woke up.  You also had to do a True Detective like reconstruction of the scene after you were done, putting the pile back just right so he wouldn't find out and go crazy.

There was also no on-demand television.  We had 5 channels and a couple on the UHF band.  You had to make sure you were home and on the couch to catch your favorite show at the time it came on.  That's if someone else hadn't got to the one TV you had first.  

Alright, enough of my old man bitching, I'll let Mr. Bacon preach the truth here:

Kevin Bacon photo by Genevieve