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If You Saw John Waters Hitchhiking, Would You Pick Him Up?

John Waters is mostly known for being the director of such movies as Pink Flamingos, Hairspray, Crybaby, Pecker, And Female Trouble.  Not you're usual feel good hits of the Summer.  He was the man that introduced the world to legendary Transvestite Divine, who appeared in many of his movies.  He's also been crowned "The King Of Filth".  If you've seen some of the aforementioned films you would know why.  

But apparently no one ever told John Waters that hitchhiking was dangerous.  In his latest book Carsick, he heads out to discover America at 66 years old.  Part of the book is fantasy(the kind only John Waters could come up with) and the other part is the true story of what happened when he hit the road from his beloved hometown of Baltimore to San Francisco.  He explains his plan in the interview below:

Here are a few trailers from some of Mr. Waters' movies.  If you haven't seen them, you should:



John Waters photo by Alan Light