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If You Don't Like Feeling "Old", Then Don't Watch This

I'm seriously feeling old right now.  Old...Old..Old..  

After watching this video I got up and got myself a cup of instant coffee and read the obituaries.  I'm thinking of hitting up The Old Country Buffet for the Early Bird Special.

Watch this and tell me you aren't cringing.  Unless you don't know what that "Thing" is either..you Punk.  

My first portable cassette player was a Toshiba, which I played into the ground.  At that time it was about $150.  Later on as more were made they got cheaper and shittier.  At one point I had the Sony Sport Walkman.  This was the waterproof, shock absorbent, extreme lifestyle model that could take a beating even when you were surfing tidal waves.  It was bright yellow like construction equipment so people could see it on satellite pictures of you climbing a mountain.  It actually did live a long and productive life.  I carried it everywhere with me.  Cranking the tunes loud enough to produce that trebly, static noise to entertain the people around me.  The problem was, you had to dedicate yourself to only a couple of cassettes because you only had limited room to carry them around.  Unless you carried a fanny-pack..the mark of the pragmatic nerd.

One day, the kids in this video will feel old and bitchy after watching a video about how bulky an iPod is and why couldn't we just insert the music directly into our heads with a laser.

iPod/Walkman Photo by Michael Herfort

Walkman photo by Edvvc