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I Didn't Know There Was A Wrong Way To Eat Chicken Wings

Before we begin, let me just preface this by saying, there really is no incorrect way to eat delicious Chicken Wings.  There's a million ways to incorrectly prepare delicious Chicken Wings.  But as long as the meat makes it into your belly you're winning!  But the folks at Foodbeast TV have made this handy instructional video featuring the delectable Brandi Milloy.  This may change your world:

The Word succulent comes to mind.  The wings look great too.  Sure, you could get "Boneless Wings" but that's just being lazy.  Plus, meat always tastes better off the bone. 

Amazingly, after consuming tons of delicious Chicken Wings in my life, I have never thought of this.  I learned to eat Wings from my Dad who would savage any meat that was put in front of him.  He would take the wing and tear it apart like a Sasquatch going at a Deer.  Then he would take each bone and proceed to gnaw at it like a dog until any evidence of there being any kind of meat was gone.  Then he would chew off the cartilage and crunch it loudly while ripping into the next wing.  Like my father, I too eat wings like a Caveman, as does my 9 year old daughter.  It must be genetic.  

Moving forward I will use what I now will call the "Milloy Technique", but eventually I'll revert back to my Neanderthal roots.  Much like when starting a bag of chips.  At first, you savor one chip at a time.  As you progress through the bag, you're just shoving handfuls into your mouth like their illegal and the cops are at the door. With most of it ending up on the front of your shirt.  

Good Luck, Happy Eating, and try not to choke.

Wings Photo by Stef Yau

Used under license agreement.