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Humans Running Wild

Found a couple of videos showing humans throwing all reason to the wind and acting like Courtney Stodden at an AARP Convention.

The first one is of The Weather Channel's resident daredevil stunt meteoroligist Jim Cantore.  He's always in the middle of the action taking on hurricanes, tornados, floods, and in this video, a college student who I'm sure told his roomates to "Watch this" after he put the bong down and flew out the door. Watch as Cantore effortlessly judges the trajectory of this kid and then swings up a knee into his ball-sack:

You don't fuck with a guy who has stared down a death threat from Mother Nature and lived to broadcast about it.

The next video features what was reported as a "streaker" at the recent Pro Bowl.  I was very disappointed to learn the young lady involved wasn't naked.  That's what "streaker" means right?  Let's get our facts straight here.  Katrina Torres jumped on the field wearing a bikini top, Daisy Dukes, and the flag of the great state of New Mexico. She then proceeded to make the best run of the game.  After a few failed chest bumps she rushed for over 40 yards before she was taken down.

Katrina actuallyexplained why she did this on her instagram account:

"A couple of years ago, my cousin who was 18 years old at the time got into a really bad motorcycle accident which left him unable to walk. It was always his dream to go with me to a Pro Bowl game. I made a promise to him that since he couldn't walk with me into that stadium that I would run across the field in honor of him knowing that he would be watching from home in New Mexico."

Apparently Deion Sanders enjoyed the run so much he asked the cops not to arrest her and offered her bail if they did.  That guy..still knows how to work the ladies.

Some may say that was dangerous, unneccesary, and disrupted the game and the concentration of the players.  And to that I say, It's the Pro Bowl..relax Francis.

Also, judging by Vice President Biden's smile, it looks like Katrina may have showed up at the State Of The Union Address last night: