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Here's Vice's Take On Why These Are The Most Expensive Winter Olympic Games In History

Here's an interesting piece by Vice on trying to follow the money in Sochi.  This makes The Big Dig look like an elementary school Popsicle Bird House project.  

Will this keep me from watching the games?  I am genuinely interested in the Olympic Games and actually enjoy watching Curling, The Bobsled, and Hockey.(Looking for the Japanese Women's Hockey Team to score more than 5 goals this time around)  I also love creeping on the Women Snowboarders.  

But I have to admit, I'm watching the games at Sochi for more than the games.  There are so many factors like unfinished construction, mass killings of stray dogs, the Russian government's advanced Homophobia, and Bob Costas' maniacal, pussy, evil villain, left eye.  Guess he didn't heed the warning about not using the water for anything, even putting out fires.  Throw in the recent slip by a Russian Minister about surveillance cameras in the showers and we could have a great "Russia's Funniest Hidden Camera Videos Of People Getting Soaked With Raw Sewage."

I hate to admit this, but with the looming terrorist threats, I'm expecting something terrible to happen.  That may be part of the reason I'm watching this time.  It's sick, but I can't help feeling it.  Does anybody else feel this way?

Bobsled photo by SecretLondon 123