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Here's Something Insane You Can Try In The Oncoming Blizzard

Drummers are wired differently than other humans.  In my experience, they are absolutely crazy.  People who are hardcore Bicycle Commuters are the same.  I work with a guy named Kevin Kline who rides his bike to work from Arlington to Boston through all weather.  He's also that guy who likes to Mountain Bike off cliffs in the desert while the rest of us live dangerously by not using our turn signal in traffic.

Here's a guy from Cambridge that combines both kinds of crazy.  Meet Greg Hum: Drumming Snow Biker:

I'm amazed that a jealous lead singer hasn't driven him off the road.  This has to be ilegal.  If we can't text and drive then how can this guy play drums and bike? Can we get someone with a bass and a keytar to ride with this guy?  What? You don't know what a keytar is?  Well, you should watch this:


Photo by Andrew Ciscal.