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A Gold Medal For Pulling Tubes




One of the greatest athletes in recorded history has been caught doing bong rips at a college party. You can see the picture and article here. Michael Phelps has since apologized for his actions and says it was "bad judgement" on his part. I can't believe a 23 year old guy has made the mistake of having a good time in a place he thought he was safe to relax and be a young adult. I'm sure most 23 year olds never make "bad judgement" calls during parties on a college campus. It would have been more acceptable if he were photographed doing a funnel or playing quarters. Maybe a body shot off of a hot co-ed would be received a little better by the perfect masses and sponsors. That's what it's really all about, right. Phelps apology is desperate attempt to save his millions in endorsement deals. I'm guessing he doesn't give a crap about the example he is setting(and that lame argument will be dragged out shortly, I'm sure). His PR firm, Octagon, offered News Of The World a substantial amount of money and perks from Phelps not to run the pictures. His endorsements include Mastercard, and Guitar Hero. I'm sure the makers of Guitar Hero, Activision, are shocked. Video games and weed are a dangerous mix.Â

The fact is, he was taking a break from his training regimen which he describes as, "sleep, eat, swim, sleep, eat, swim...." When I was in my 20's it was "work, drink, smoke weed, work drink, smoke weed...." It was monotonous. I would swim a few laps at the local pool just for a healthy distraction. Give the guy a break, he's being 23 with the little time he has. He wasn't high at the Olympics. Let him blow off some steam. That's why the Olympic Committee makes sure there are millions of condoms available for athletes at the Olympic Village. Robert Parish, Bill Lee, and , I'm purely speculating here, Manny Ramirez have all done very well in their respective sports. What if Phelps was caught smoking a big Red Auerbach style cigar while tossing back a scotch?

Weed is no different than liquor or beer. Either way, you're getting altered. Just legalize the stuff and bring in the extra tax dollars. We could use the revenue. Let the athletes enjoy in their off time. If it affects their performance, that's their own fault. Personal responsibility is a great lesson for the kids.Â

This story is also a great excuse to show pictures of some sweet bongs...sorry...water filtration devices.