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Getting annointed with 10w-30

For those of you concerned with the Auto industry bail-out:

"We have done all we can do in this union, so I'm going to turn it over to the Lord"- UAW Vice President General Holiefield.

Let me get this straight...They have SUV's on the altar? They're praying to SUV's!? I understand that millions of dollars and jobs are in the balance with the survival of the Big 3. Not just the automotive industry, but all that benefit from it (parts, materials, advertising). Maybe the CEO's shouldn't have run their businesses into the ground? Maybe the unions should have backed off a little during negotiations? Both are at fault and both should suffer what billions of failed businesses have suffered in the USA when they fail. Let them dangle. We've already wasted too much money on bailing out the banks and financial creeps. They're lucky they had lots of friends in The White House and Congress that got too drunk to remember those pictures taken down at Hilton Head with those strippers and a donkey.

Now, the faithful of Detroit has taken to sharing their altar space with the unholy sport utility vehicles. Oh please gods of the V-8, please save us from the evil politicians and taxpayers who are denying us or Union due. I'm not a huge fan of the Bible, but isn't it heresy to worship false idols? Just like in the classic, "Beneath The Planet Of The Apes", what's left of the radio active mutated humans are found worshipping "the Almighty Bomb". Praying for rescue from the savage apes that have conquered the planet that they have nearly destroyed. Let the apes take over the Big 3. Let Dr. Zeus, Aldo, Cornelius and the rest try to build a better auto world.

The Reuters article also goes on to say,"Other Detroit-area religious leaders -- including Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders convened by Cardinal Adam Maida -- have urged Congress to approve an auto aid package." So that's what it takes to get all religions to come together for humanity. We should get the current Bishops of the Big 3 to build plants in the Middle East and hire millions to create an impractical piece of crap that gets 16 mpg. The Bishops will then ask for a bail-out when they fail to sell. The governments of the middle east will hesitate and the Israelis and Arabs will put their differences aside to save their jobs, retirement, and medical benefits. Whamo! Peace in the Middle East!

Detroit resident Michelle McDade says in the article, ""Politicians forgot autoworkers for ages. You can't just forget them. We're also part of the country." The Politicians never forgot about their huge campaign contributions and endorsements from the UAW. The Unions have had a huge influence in Washington and now they are crying because their pants are to tight from special interest bloat. The real crime hear is the Big 3 Bishops will have to suffer with huge severance and bonus packages. The faithful will be in the unemployment line hoping a new car company will move in.

Let God sort em out.