Headstrong - Trapt 12:54 AM


Forced Peeping

This video thoroughly disgusts me.  Not because I frown on competitive eating or the sin of gluttony.  I actually enjoy gluttony.  This Is AMERICA for cripes sake and gluttony is our middle name!(actually it's "Of")  

No, this video grosses me out because I hate Peeps.  During the Easter season, Americans buy more than 700 million.  Making it the most popular non-chocolate Easter Candy.  Globs of grainy mallow, supposedly shaped like chicks, but really resembling globs of shaving cream that have been exposed to high levels of radiation turning them into living spineless organisms.  I don't know where my my malice towards Peeps originates.  It may have been an overdose scenario when I was very young.  The only pleasure I get from Peeps is arranging them on a plate and blowing them up in a microwave.

Matt "Megatoad" Stonie is the World's #2 Ranked Competitive Eater.  His competitive Peep Blood Lust egged on by other greats like Furious Pete and Pat Bertoletti, Stonie takes down 100 in just over 2 minutes.  Then heads to Diabetes central.  Happy Easter..



Peep photo by Adam