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Darth Vader Uses Mind Control To Make Jesus Freak Rob Cop Car

There is so much going on in this video that is hilarious and horrifying.  As you'll see in the footage, a man smashes the windows of a Police cruiser on The Hollywood Boulevard Walk Of Fame while screaming that he loves Jesus.  He is obviously under the Sith Mind Control of Darth Vader.  After the man tries to steal a Police Laptop he is apprehended by LAPD.  You can see the look of disappointment on the Police Officer's faces as Superman arrives too late to help.  Meanwhile, Lord Vader is nowhere to be seen.  He will later return in 'Junkie Wars: Revenge Of The Meth'.  

That's what I can deduct with my Sherlock-like powers.  You may have a different theory about what is going on here.  Please share your observations in the comment section below so we can put Darth Vader behind bars.


Darth Vader photo by Jan SOLO

Video Footage from KTLA