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Crazy Italian Guy + Mentos + Diet Coke + Mango Flavored Condom + Nutella = Monday Win!

Mondays suck.  Unless you're a billionaire and you're in Fiji with six Bikini Models, a bag of Psychedelic Mushrooms, Ten pounds of Purple Kush, and a tanker truck of Strawberry Lube.  Then Monday's probably aren't so bad.  But for the people who have to get up and get back to the job and the boss and the commute..yeah..Monday's Suck.

What can make the Monday Blues less wretched?  This Italian guy with a bottle of Diet Coke, Mentos, Nutella, and a Mango Flavored Condom.  If you're still not laughing by the end of the video below then you are a soulless robot.  

I am not fluent in Italian whatsoever, but I have a feeling that if I knew the language, this video would not be nearly as funny.  The guy's Soccer Announcer fervor when the condom becomes engorged made my day.  His crazed ululating split my Monday hating skull in two and penetrated my brain like a laser rainbow.  Thanks crazy Italian guy with a Go-Pro Camera strapped to you chest.  By the way, why was the Nutella involved?

Nutella photo by Will Fisher