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Christian Bale Freaks The Beat

I found this when I was supposed to be working. The Dark Knight went apeshit on a lighting assistant during shooting for the new Terminator movie. I'm sure you've heard the nearly 4 minute rant on the Hill-Man Morning Show or on-line somewhere. I understand he's an artist, but really. Is it the end of the world that you couldn't get the feel of the scene right in a TERMINATOR MOVIE! Christian Bale needs to hang out with Mickey Rourke for a while, have a few drinks and let Mick tell him how it could all end in a flash of bad publicity and cocaine fueled decision making. It only took Micky 15 years for people to take him seriously again. Even with the lap dogs. Hey Christian, you make movies for a living! Relax in your trailer with a mint/spinach smoothie and a face peel. It will be ok. By The Way, you were great in "The Prestige".