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Bringing Back The Monkey Cam

Meanwhile in Bali...

A tourist who wanted to film himself feeding the local Monkey Gang had his GoPro stolen by one of the critters who ran and took selfies with it.  A struggle ensued but a local Monk was able to trade a piece of fruit for the camera.  No doubt, this will be the catalyst for the Ape takeover.  See all the action in the video below.

This reminded me of the classic Letterman bit, "Monkey Cam".  Back when David Letterman hosted "Late Night" in the 80's he would welcome chaos because he knew the only people watching were insomniacs or stoners like me.  "Monkey Cam" was way ahead of it's time.  I'm not sure anyone could do it today because of the uproar over allegations of animal abuse that would surely fly.  Look for a young Al Roker taking part in the video below:

Monkey photo is in the Public Domain from the Monkey.