Higher - Creed 11:51 AM



A couple of days ago we watched several Los Angeles Morning TV News Anchors react in many different and silly ways on the air to an earthquake. But the reaction of the KDVR Morning News Team to a PENISQUAKE is one of the greatest television moments in the history of the medium.  This video is not safe for work!  Unless you work with penises:

The station claims it wasn't that particular Anchors penis but an image sent from the control room.  Here's their official statement:

The photo was mistakenly broadcast by our control room. It did not come from the tablet many viewers saw being used by one of our anchors.

We apologize for the inadvertent broadcast of the image and we are taking immediate steps to prevent such an accident from happening again.

In my amateur opinion, I think it was because of the succession of the photos shown: Edward Scissorhands, An Omelet, A Penis.  This guy is a secret Gothy who loves Foodporn and is trying to impress someone he met in a Tim Burton chat room.


Balloon photo by Caitlin Regan