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Best Super Bowl Commercial? I Have An Award For That!

Is there an award for Best Commercial During The Super Bowl?  There should be.  We should call them “THE SUPERS”!  Why not? We’re right smack in the middle of the “Awards Season” with the Golden Globes, The Grammys, The Oscars, and now..”THE SUPERS”! 

Here are my winning picks for last night’s “SUPERS”(Yes, I’m going to write it in capitals every time):

Best Getting Nostalgic About The Good Old Days Commercial goes to.. Radio Shack!  Unlike the uncomfortably strained Seinfeld reunion or the too short Full House yogurt ad, Radio Shack took the time to gather some of the greatest icons of the 80’s and had them basically loot a store.  Seeing folks like Dee Snider in full Twisted Sister gear, Cliff Claven from Cheers, Qbert, and the tireless spark plug that is Mary Lou Retton, felt like slipping on a old broken in pair of Nike Air Pegasus.

I do have to give a bonus shout out to KIA for the use of Morpheus from ‘The Matrix’ and having him sing opera.  That actually comes up in the next category which I call..

The Most Ganja Bowl Friendly Commercial That Made Me Say “Holy Shit Am I High”:

Audi had a good showing in this category with the aforementioned Matrix ad but, to me, the head of a Doberman on the body of a Chihuahua was freaky enough to make me laugh and then start thinking they were sneaking around my house. 

Honorable mention to Don Cheadle with a Llama.

The Creepiest Commercial was a tough battle, but in the end it was Bob Dylan selling cars winning over Fred Armisen hugging Bruce Willis.  Just because Bob Dylan had a new face that I believe he tore off of Joy Behar.

Also, for those of you who were crying that Bob Dylan sold out and broke your heart: 1. Bob Dylan has made a long career of pissing off his fans with contradictions and sudden musical twists and turns(see Highway 61 Revisited and his Christmas album) 2. Bob Dylan doesn’t care about your broken heart. Oh, and just a side note to Bob or whoever wrote the copy for him to read; It's fine if you want to enjoy a German beer, but if you really are selling American Products(Chrysler not being one of them. Yeah they’re owned by Fiat S.p.A.) try a beer brewed in the number one place for craft beer: The USA.(What’s up Wachusett and Wormtown!)

For Best Serious Commercial I went with WeatherTech proclaiming their faith in the people of The United States Of America. 

Special mention to Budweiser and the “Hero’s Welcome” for Army Lt. Chuck Nadd.  We all wish this could happen every time.

I'm not crying..um..I've got hot sauce in my eye..

Finally, for Best Commercial That Got Everybody’s Panties In A Bunch I picked Coca-Cola’s “America The Beautiful”.  It really made the people that fear what actually made this country great circle the wagons. 


Like every list put out there, you may disagree with this one or find it incomplete. Please feel free to add your “SUPERS” winners to the comments section below.  Right now I’m just going to relax and have a an all American whiskey made in Tennessee mixed with the soda pop that hates America.