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Beastie Boy Scores Dock Ellis On Acid

Beastie Boy Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz has provided the score for "No No: A Dockumentary" a film about the late, legendary, MLB Pitcher, Dock Ellis,who pitched a no hitter while under the influence of LSD.  The film will make it's debut at the Sundance Film Festival in a couple of weeks.  Major League Baseball has always played down the tale of the Wild-Man Pirates Pitcher's accomplishment because of his admitted use of the hallucinogenic, despite amphetamines being widely used by many professional baseball players at the time.  I can't even imagine what that was like.  Last time I took Acid I ran and hid in my room after believing my roomate and his girlfriend were demons getting ready to eat me.  Check out the trailer:

Here's a video I've posted before of Dock Ellis himself telling the story of his 1970 no hitter while with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  I never get tired of watching this:


Adam Horovitz photo by Michael Morel