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The "Autoblow 2" Will Lead To The End Of Humanity(NSFW)

Let's talk about masturbation. We can do that, right? Everyone does it. You're lying if you say you don't. Even if you have sex on a regular basis with multiple women every day, you still have to "check with yourself" every now and then. There is nothing wrong with it. It's completely healthy, despite what some may claim.  Just do it, like everything else, in moderation and you avoid a sock shortage and sever chafing.

But I have a feeling that once you enter the Autoblow 2, the thought of moderation won't even exist in you filthy, creepy, mind. Inventor Brian Sloan will be the subject of future history classes when learning about the "Autoblow Apocalypse". Eventually a each device will be fitted with a computer system that will store what the owner likes and eventually become permanently attached to all men. Because a good BJ will allow you to control any man.  At that point Brian Sloan will lose control of the main "Autoblow 2 Mother Computer" (Yes, putting the word "Mother" in that name makes it unbearably creepy) and the males of Earth will be enslaved. At first the women of the world will see this as their moment to take control but will destroy the "Autoblow 2 Mother Computer" out of jealousy. Possibly...

Check out the amazing IndieGoGo video and find out how you can contribute to the next evolution in Human/Robot history:


What do you think?  Did you donate?  Did you get the V.I.P. clear plastic option?  

Hail our Orally Fixated Robot Overlords.

Mouth Photo by Valentina Volavia