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Author Charles R. Cross Talks About The Lasting Impact Of Kurt Cobain


Author Charles R. Cross has written what some call the definitive biography of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, "Heavier Than Heaven".  He was a supporter of Nirvana from their earliest days as well as the burgeoning Seattle Music Scene of the 90's.  In his new book, "Here We Are Now: The Lasting Impact Of Kurt Cobain" he covers how the life of one of the "last Rock Stars" changed the music industry and influenced fashion, writing, and mental health issues.  In the interview below we touch on some of those subjects and talk about how Social media has changed the music world as well as Cobain's struggles with heroin.  He also gives insight into how Cobain really felt about fame.

Kurt Cobain thumbnail photo by PerishParish

Nirvana exhibit photo by David Costanzo