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Art Alexakis From Everclear Talks About The Summerland Tour And The Other F Word

This year's Summerland Tour brings the 90's back to Boston at The House Of Blues on June 19.  This year Soul Asylum, Spacehog, and Eve 6 will help Everclear transport audiences back to a time when the economy was robust, the iPhone was just a great idea, and the president was getting orally pleasured in the Oval Office.

The Ring Leader of this nostalgic circus is Everclear lead-guy Art Alexakis.  In the interview below we talk about putting the tour together, my lame attempt at metaphors, and a documentary that Alexakis was featured in called 'The Other F Word':

Here's the trailer for the documentary 'The Other F Word'.  I can't say enough about how much I love this film:

Art Alexakis photo by Matthew Straubmuller