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The 5 Second Rule Validated By SCIENCE!

A new study from Aston University in Birmingham, England found that the five second rule for eating food after it has been dropped on the floor is...surprisingly accurate. 

The results showed that: 

"Time is a significant factor in the transfer of bacteria from a floor surface to a piece of food; and
The type of flooring the food has been dropped on has an effect, with bacteria least likely to transfer from carpeted surfaces and most likely to transfer from laminate or tiled surfaces to moist foods making contact for more than 5 seconds."

Yes, there are many different factors involved.  How clean is the floor or carpet?  What kind of food is it?  If you're dropping Doritos on a pristine tile floor I'd give that a few more seconds.  If you just dropped your Fenway Frank on the floor of the Men's Room then that might be a lost cause.  

I personally hate wasting food.  If my late Father had his way, he would have made wasting food an offense punishable by death.(He would have also thrown touching the thermostat in there too)

Some foods are just too good and sometimes you have to risk your life to enjoy what might otherwise be a terrible waste.  Like, dropping your steak trying to transfer it from the grill to a plate.  Whether it's grass or driveway, I'm picking that baby up and running it under the faucet.  Bacon is also hard to give up for gone, especially when the grease is still glistening while lying there on the diner floor. French Fries are a tough one for me.  I'd give fries a solid 30 seconds.  Especially McDonald's Fries.  Those are still the best fast food fries ever.  As you can see in the video below:


My Father would be very proud.

Now if it's Clam Chowder on a ratty carpet.  Then that's a loss.  Unless it's Legal Seafood Clam Chowder.  Then I'm getting a straw.

Photo by Emilian Tiberiu Toba