The Train Window Told Me To Kill

July 9, 2013

Now you can't even nod off on the train and miss your stop without advertising being jammed into your head by this intrusive Bone Conduction System.   A small transmitter attached to the train window sends vibrations through the glass into your skull.  That's right..your skull.  

So there goes any chance to have that only relaxing moment during your day.  Now you have to let your head slump down on your chest and look like a heroin addict.  Or your head will plop down on someone's shoulder who will end up elbowing you back over to the window trying to sell you car insurance or a colon blow diet remedy.  

Imagine what this will do to that crazy guy you see everyday on the train reciting the entire MBTA schedule?  When that guy rests his already voice laden head against that window and all of a sudden hears another one telling him about some new shitty reality TV show, he'll snap and start flinging poo all over the train.   

Take a look at the promotional video:

Dr. Who touched on the future of this technology in "Rise Of The Cybermen":

Of course, if this were used to transmit WAAF it would be completely fine.