Is This Too Harsh For A Penis On Facebook?

May 28, 2013

Take 60 seconds to watch this video.  Especially if you're a parent.

From watching this video a few times I gather that some boys that are acquaintances of this young 14 year old lady posted some provocative language and pictures of their penises on her Facebook page.  I've also surmised that she has been in trouble about this before.  I also know that if this girl is in a pinch, she'll throw her friend under the bus.  I feel bad for whoever this Mary is because you know this raging Mother called her Parents to let her know she's involved with all these "dicks and shit".   

As the Parent of an 8 year old girl I can't wait until she starts getting involved with boys.  I'm sure it's going to be lots of fun!  I also like to have my teeth drilled while doing my taxes.  At the risk of sounding old farty again, when I was 14 we didn't have Social Media or camera phones.  You had to take a picture of your penis with your Instamatic Camera and then take the film down to CVS so they could send it out to be developed.  After about a week you had to look up the lucky girl's address in the Phone Book and put the picture in an envelope to send it by U.S. Mail!  It was complicated process..not that I would know, I'm only guessing.  But now instead of 2 weeks it only takes 2 minutes to take the picture, apply a nice vintage looking filter with Oggl, maybe a cool frame, and bang!  My daughter has a picture of some shithead's penis.  Fuck you Zuckerberg.

I feel this woman is actually being easy on her daughter.  My first instinct would be to hunt down and kill the owner of the penis and then turn my home into a Branch Dividian type strong hold too keep all the penises out and my precious flower in to be home schooled.  That's healthy right?  I don't know if I'd go so far as to post a video of me beating my kid on her Facebook page.  I don't know the whole back story but I'm guessing the Mother in this video may not want her daughter to make the same mistakes she did at her age.  Of course every parent wants that.  But Teenage Hormones don't always aid in sound decision making.  So is Mom being too harsh here?  What would your reaction be?  How would you try to stop your kid from exchanging pictures of genitalia on the internet?  Where can I find a decent shotgun and a deal on barbed wire?

In the short time that I've been a parent I've realized kids are Karma.  All the trouble and worry I caused my Parents is coming back to bite me in the ass.  At least my Mother is still alive to get some entertainment out of it all.