Tired Of All The Chafing You Get During A Lap Dance?

August 19, 2013

You know the story: You've been to the Strip Club for 14 days straight and now when a lovely lady straddles you for your 122nd lappy you feel a burning sensation that makes you fling here off like a safety bar on a rollercoaster!  Thankfully it's not Venereal Disease, but it is a bad case of chafing.  What will you do?  

Well thanks to the caring folks at Liquid Lap Dance you will never have that problem again!  They have used the latest technology to craft Men's Undergarments that are comfortably loose and packed with a lubricant to stop that pesky chafing problem.  Now you can enjoy hundreds of lap dances without having those over excited strippers that obviously want you rub your nether regions raw.  We do live in amazing times!

That's right, the lube is for the chafing...no seriously..  

Check out the very vague video here.

Make sure you check out the "about us" section.  At least these folks are brutally honest.  My biggest fear is that they catch a Mall Santa wearing these.