So, A Pony Walks Into A Liquor Store..

May 29, 2013

No, seriously, a pony walked into a liquor store in Warren, RI on Memorial Day lead by it's owner, William Saviano.  Apparently they had just been the special entertainment for a Kid's party and were thirsty for an alcoholic beverage.  Really, what's more fun than a ride on a shaky alcoholic Donkey with a shaky alcoholic trainer?  What is the preferred drink of a Pony anyway?  Colt 45? Bud Ponies? Hahaha...I got nothin'.    They ended up not getting anything.  Most likely because the Pony was underage.

Unfortunately the Pony decided to drop a steaming pile in the packy.  That's when the employees decided to herd the two entertainers out to pasture.  The Cops were called in after the owner wouldn't clean up the poop.  Eventually the Police convinced him to do so and the store didn't press charges.  Cops have to deal with the craziest shit....get it? ...I got nothin'.

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This reminds me of who else likes special entertainment: