Rap Rock Is Alive..and Well

March 25, 2013

Some might think, the music genre Rap-Rock has been buried and forgotten and the red baseball caps have been replaced by  80's loving, vintage Chess King wearing, ironic fanny pack lovers.  But not so fast Mr. Simple Minds T-shirt, Rap-Rock is slowly digging itself out of that shallow grave and returning with one of the vanguards of the scene.  

Limp Bizkit has been trying to revive it's career for a few years but now have enlisted the help of  Sizzurp lovin' Lil' Wayne on this latest collaboration, "Ready To Go".  Behold the jam:


This is not the only evidence of the Rap-Rock Revival.  Mr. Edward Van Halen has been working with the man who takes direction from his Mother when it comes to leaving people comatose, LL Cool J:


Better start dusting off that Red Baseball Cap...