Pearl Jam Takes Dreadlocks For Requests

December 3, 2013

Apparently this is not the first time Pearl Jam has cut a head on stage during a show.  In the video below, Eddie Vedder mentions a hair cutting incident in Detroit from 1993.  Unfortunately I couldn't find any video of that.  But the one below is hilarious!  The "Dude"(in the truest sense of the word) had a sign that said he would let the band shave off his substantial dreads if the band played "Brain Of J" from their most excellent 'Yield' album. Good choice dude..not the one I'd shave my head for, but still, good tune.  

I would offer my sparse fuzz for an acoustic"> "Sleight Of Hand" or maybe "Hard To Imagine".  I would let Michael J. Fox shave my balls with a straight razor for a Temple Of The Dog reuinion.  What about you?  Not necessarily your balls but what band and song would you do this for?  Let me know in the comments section below.


Update: Here's another angle.  Thanks to Jay for tweeting this to me.


Eddie Vedder photo by Dido.