Now You Can Keep Emergency Beers In Your Glove Compartment

August 13, 2013

There you are, stuck on the Highway during the worst blizzard since 78'.  The nearest exit is too far away to risk your life in the complete white out conditions.  It's been 12 hours and you realize you're going to have to make some difficult choices. After a couple of days with no relief you decide that you can no longer harbor the hope that you will be rescued any time soon and must nourish yourself.  Luckily you always carry that Swiss Army Knife your Dad gave you when you graduated High School.  You hear his words of advice bouncing around in your head, "It's always good to be prepared".  But are you prepared to cut off and eat your own limbs to survive so you can shake your Dad's hand with your remaining one and say "Thanks"?  As you take that first bite of your own flesh you think, "I wish I had a sweet Ale to wash this down."

Well now, thanks to Pat's Back Country Beverages, you just might!  The folks at Pat's have created a beer concentrate that you can just add water to and have what they call a "premium micro brew taste".   Each single packet contains a concentrate that is brewed and distilled down to fit into hand small packets that, when mixed with water can create a 16oz pint.  The carbonation can be provided with Pat's portable carbonator.  You can watch the water carbonation processes in the video below.  As soon as I find some I'll give you an update.  

I can say this for sure.  This chick has amazing skills:

After a while you may just want to mainline the stuff.  Squeeze it straight into your mouth or maybe on your burger?  It would be great for sneaking into a show..or church.

Would you try this stuff?