No Child Left Behind..Except Miss Utah

June 18, 2013

She's absolutely right when she says, "I think we can relate this back to education".  Well, not those exact words, but I get what she's saying...I think. What I mean to say is...LOOK AT THOSE TITS!!

In all fairness, we are not expecting Miss USA to cure Cancer.  But if she could, I'd vote for her.  Marissa Powell gave a better response to the same question on the Today Show the following day.  Kind of..

Not that I have never made a mistake when speaking in front of people.  I do it every weekday from 10am-3pm on Boston's Rock Station, WAAF.  On the air, many years ago, during a stretch of rainy days I said, "It seems like the sun is a million miles away today."  Then a listener called and said, "Hey Mike, the Sun is actually about 93 million miles away."  Who am I, Carl Sagan? Basically, what I'm trying to say is, LOOK AT MY TITS! 


At least she has a sense of humor.  That's hot.