Nine Inch Nails Release Rare Video Full Of Chaos

March 20, 2013

Nine Inch Nails have posted a documentary of their 1994-96 "Self Destruct Tour", possibly the most debauched period for Trent Reznor and crew.  This was previously released on the "Closure" VHS in 1997.  The 75 minute video is edited to give you motion sickness and contains scenes featuring tour mates David Bowie(who duets with Reznor on a powerful version of "Hurt") and a hung over Marilyn Manson.  There is also much destruction of equipment and sanity.  Back then, Nine Inch Nails shows were half Rock Show, half Gladiator Fight.  This was the tour where Trent Reznor scared himself and ended up making the quiet and fearful The Fragile before disappearing for a few years.  

Reznor has stated that he is bringing Nine Inch Nails back to the world in a reconstructed form and will be touring this year.  Although in the video below, you see a man who has no concern for the future.  Strap in(or on) and watch: