The Next Big Thing: Estonian Ewok Cirque Du Soleil Hardcore

March 27, 2013

My friend Mark Hartless sent this to me and asked me what I made of it.  Upon first viewing this is what I surmised:

During the Rebel Alliance action on the Forrest moon of Endor  that eventually helped destroy the Second Death Star, a rebel assault force discovered a tribe of beings called Ewoks.  These furry and diminutive creatures assisted the Alliance and later partied with the Rebel Fighters in their massive Tree House.  That is where Ewok Music was first heard.  You can listen to a sample here.  During the lively celebrations(which may have included some type of mind altering beverages) Rebel Fighters must have had intimate relations with the Ewoks.  Later creating the Human/Ewok hybrid.  Over hundreds of years this hybrid species developed the technology to explore space all the while keeping their love of music alive.  

During exploration of our Solar System an Ewok Space ship crashed on Earth somewhere in Estonia and the Ewoks were captured by the then suppressive Warsaw Pact Regime.  Despite being tortured, used for experiments and as sex slaves, the Ewok/Humans were able to keep their love of music alive.  Although by this time it had evolved into a fast paced, more angry form of song.  

Once the Estonian Government deemed them useless to their cause they sent them to a work camp in the Latvia.  The Ewok/Humans were able to escape and were given shelter by a scout for popular circus show, Cirque du Soleil.  They were eventually incorporated into the act and were able to express themselves musically, but not as much as they liked.  

After the fall of Communism they returned to the only place they knew as home, Estonia.  While there, they were able to develop their unique sounds which had become influenced by artists such as Anthrax and The Muppets.  After being suppressed for so long they were able to let loose and show the world the full extent of their art.  This culminated on an Estonian "American Idol" type television show.

Well, according to the "FACTS" I was way off.  This is actually Winny Puhh(which translates into Winny Pooh..go figure) an Estonian punk band that has been around for some time but hasn't really broken through to the West.  Obviously due to some kind of Ewok discrimination.  The name of the song they are playing is "Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti" which, according to Google Translate, means "Meiecundimees one Korsakov just went to Latvia".  So, that explains a lot.  All I know is, this is the greatest thing since Black Sabbath and I'm going to start a tribute band.