Meet Your New Robot Beer Pong Overlord

January 12, 2015

Well isn't this just great?

We have robots cleaning our houses, building our cars, nursing our sick, even doing our exotic dancing.  But now they have entered a whole new realm of humanity.  The beer guzzling college kid realm.  What is this robot trying to do?  How is this advancing society?  Can't we play our own Beer pong for crying out loud?  At least it won't drink all of our beer because it has no mouth.  But I'm sure that is next.  Along with doing our shots, stealing our girlfriends, and bogarting our bong hits! 

There is a bot that tastes beer.  That's all it takes.  One little taste and then blammo!  We'll have drunk killer robots enslaving humanity and relieving themselves on our lawns! IT WILL BE ANARCHY I TELL YOU!

Oh sure, the folks at Boston based Empire Robotics say they're just doing this to demonstrate their new Versaball.  It supposed to be able to handle materials other robots can't.  What materials are they referring to?  Human brains?  Knives?  Babies?  The word Empire is in the god-damned name of the company!  They will be the first to be tried as collaborators after the Robot Revolution is put down.  You are marked Empire Robotics.  Have fun now because in a few years this thing will be leading you and us around on a leash with it's Broomba wife.

Robot Thumbnail by littlelostrobot