Man Raps About SWAT Team As SWAT Team Raids His Home

August 7, 2013

This is 19 year old Adequate Advocate(legal name: Joshua Jackson).  He allegedly pulled a knife on his roommates in their Fort Collins apartment which led to a standoff with Police.  While surrounded by local SWAT Mr. Adequate was inspired to rap about his experience as it was happening.  Near the end of a video you can see a flash and hear the bang of a stun grenade which brings the rhyming to an abrupt end.  According to Fort Collins Police, Mr. Adequate has a history of resisting police in the past. They also tried to communicate with Mr. Adequate but he probably couldn't hear them because he was spittin' lyrics.  

A lot of Rappers make videos depicting themselves battling or being pursued by the Police.  But this kid get's all the street cred.  Unfortunately, and I'm not a Hip-Hop aficionado in any way, he needs to work on his skills.  He might have time to do that now.