Larry King Gets A Contact High From Snoop Lion

July 19, 2013

First of all, Larry King is a Legend.  The guy was in Radio before it was even invented.  He's interviewed Presidents and Kings, Movie Stars and Rock Stars, Assholes and Saints.  But this may be his finest work.  The chemistry between him and Snoop Lion shine during his appearance on the Double Gangsta Hood News Network.  These guys should be doing the Today show together.  But keep Al Roker around.  And what else could be said about the former Snoop Dogg?  The guy is a friggin' chimney.

The greatest moment from this is Snoop and Larry rapping about Larry's favorite things. Larry really likes dinner, and watching his teenage kids play baseball.  Larry's 79 and has teenage kids from his seventh wife.  A true Radio Man.  What a pro!

My suggestion to you is to pack a big bowl, hit it like a Rasta, and watch the magic unfold.  FYI: The Weather Report is very helpful.