The Kid With The Cymbals Is A True Patriot

June 3, 2013

When the chips are down, and the shit hits the fan, just love America.  This kid is the embodiment of The Star Spangled Banner.  Against great odds he persevered and was there to the end.  Sure, this video is all over the internet and his less patriotic friends have probably already given him loads of crap, but what the hell was he supposed to do?  Did George Washington let the Delaware River stop him from attaining victory at Trenton?  Did Neil Armstrong let the fact that he could be stranded on the Moon prevent him from taking that first step?  Did this Kid let a broken cymbal ruin this country's National Anthem? HELL NO! Rock On awkward cymbal guy!  Screw the haters.  Nobody else could've handled the situation any better. Your country thanks you.

Will someone from Zildjian or Paiste please hook this kid up?