Jon Lajoie Wants Your Money So He Can Be Rich

May 30, 2013

The Crowd Funding Tool Kickstarter seems to be catching on with people who don't seem to need it so much like Zach Braff and the daughters of Big Time Director David Mamet.  It is a great way to get finances when you may not have the connections or support from established sources.  

Comedian, Artist, Musician, and Fairly Rich Guy, Jon Lajoie is hoping to use Kickstarter to fund his latest project: To be the Richest Man In The World.  Before you get all bent out of shape, hear him out:

Seems pretty legit.  Who doesn't have the same dreams?  If you're not familiar with Lajoie's work, here's my favorite piece:

Just to let you know, I made a hypothetical pledg of $64.12 to Jon's dreams.  You can do the same here.