How Not To Drink Jagermeister

June 12, 2013

First of all, those shots look a little light to be Jager.  Usually, Jagermeister is black like the color you see after drinking half a bottle and nine beers.  Maybe these are Jager Bombs?  They like their fruity drinks in the British Isles so they must be cut with some kind of sweet mixer.  I had my doubts..until the end.  I watched all the way through until the explosive finale.  It was amazing how heavy those shots became after 30.  The poor guy could barely lift them.  

This is NOT drinking responsibly.  Jager should be consumed at a steady pace until you start swinging punches at the person who came up to you and simply said, "Hi".  That's when you know you should stop and leave before you're thrown out by bouncers you may have called "pussies".  Again, I am not a Doctor...or a very good drinker.