How Many Weed References Can You Find In This Fantastic Hot Pockets Commercial?

October 9, 2013

There is so much greatness in this Hot Pockets commercial, it's going to make my head explode! Kate Upton sloppily chowing down on one then passing out, Snoop Dogg(Lion)just being himself, MC Larry King, and of course, the voice of the esteemed Biz Markie. In fact, Kate Upton lip-synching with the Biz's voice is surprisingly sexy!

Kudos to the Hot Pockets people for targeting their second biggest demographic, Stoners.(The first being fat ass video game enthusiasts) There's nothing like ripping a bong and throwing a Hot Pocket in the microwave to be enjoyed while watching Adult Swim. It was always an extra special experience when I forgot about it, only to discover it later while putting another in, then eating that one while the second one got zapped. It's a singular feeling. I was a basic pepperoni Hot Pocket fan back then. Way before Oliver Cooper used pepperonis as Nunchucks as the "Butcher" in this astounding video.

Slide one in the microwave now and prepare your head accordingly for this astounding work of art. How many weed references can you identify after one viewing. Then again, when you're stoned, you think everything is about weed.