The Greatest First Pitch In North America

April 3, 2013

Every now and then when you're watching the Red Sox play in Toronto on TV you catch a shining ray of intense greatness coming from behind home plate at The Rogers Center.  That is the great beaked noggin of Rush Bassist/Vocalist Geddy Lee taking in his favorite activity outside of making Godly sonic miracles.  The temptation must be great for him to use his super human brain power to alter every pitch to go his hometown team's way.  If he did,  Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig would be forced to dissolve the Blue Jays organization and replace them with a team from The Netherlands.

Despite holding back his ability to propel the team to the World Series with a snap of his mighty fingers, the Jays honored Mr. Lee by letting him throw out the First Pitch to start the season.  Watch as Geddy again, holds back his mighty power so as not to obliterate the Jay's Brandon Morrow.

Now watch as Geddy, along with the remainder of the Pantheon traverse many planes of time and space: