Getting Paid To Massage Women's Breasts. Dream Job?

August 16, 2013

This man massages women's breasts for a living.  For a very important reason of course.  New Mothers who are having a hard time breast feeding their babies sometimes need this treatment.  In China it's a booming business.  But this man is one of only three males doing the job.  How these three guys got through the screening process is a mystery, but there they are..massaging breasts..for a living.  

I'm sure it's not a line of super models and porn stars waiting to have this man's hands on their bosom's.  But in the words of Spaz from The Hill-Man Morning Show, "I don't don't give a fuck what the tit looks like."  My colleague's eloquence may be lacking, but he speaks for all men.  Because all men are really still 12 years old inside and will still get a perverted thrill seeing boobs.  Spaz and I are thinking of starting a business for this and working out of a white unmarked van.  This guy gets about $33.00 a session.  We'll let you know how it goes...