George Takei Talks About The Wrath Of Khan, Awkward Trekkie Moments And What's Missing From The New Star Trek Movies

January 30, 2017

If you listen closely you can hear a grown man in his 40's giggling like a 14 year old talking to United Federation Of Planets Starship Commander Hikaru Sulu(or as he likes to be called, George Takei)  As a lifelong Trekkie it's safe to say I was having a nerdgasm talking about his appearance this Friday(4/3/17) hosting a screening of Star Trek: Wrath Of Khan at The Boch Center Wang Theater, the origins of his legendary character's name, Sulu, and what J.J. Abrahms was missing in the new Trek movies.  


Mike Hsu Nerds Out With George Takei From Star Trek