Foo Fighter Taylor Hawkins Talks 'CBGB' And Rush With Mike Hsu

October 10, 2013

Taylor Hawkins, the drummer/surfer dude of Foo Fighters took a "Why not?" attitude when asked to portray iconic Rock Legend Iggy Pop in the upcoming movie 'CBGB'. Even though he's never acted before. But as he says in the interview below, "I am a big fan". So he just jumped into it. The movie tells the story of the New York City club that was a breeding ground for Punk legends like The Ramones, Television, Blondie, Talking Heads, and many many more. In the interview below he talks about how he prepared for the role and how important he thinks the cultural legacy of the former club is today.

We also talk a about the Foo's next record and, of course, I had to commend him on his and fellow Foo, Dave Grohl's induction of The Greatest Band In North America into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. So pardon the Rush Geek fest at the end of the interview.

Hit play to hear the interview:

Here's the trailer for 'CBGB" which opens in theaters tomorrow: