Check Out "The Most Unique Show Metallica Has Ever Done"

December 9, 2013

On their Facebook page the band states that this is "the most unique show Metallica has ever done."  Considering the miles this band has covered in it's 32 year history that is certainly saying something.  This was a Coke Zero promotion for their South American marke and dubbed the "Freeze Em' All" show.  The band played in a clear dome at the Carlini Station in Antarctica to a small crowd of contest winners and international research crews.  They had a unique sound set up where the crowd wore special headphones to hear the band.  I'm guessing it's just a healthier way to go for the humans and any wildlife in the area.  

The video looks like something from a Science Fiction movie with the dome full of raging life against the backdrop of a barren ice covered continent. Their next show should be in a dome under water.  It could be the deepest, heaviest, headbang of all time.


No "Trapped Under Ice"?  What the fuck?


Photo of Antarctica by Dave Pape.