Check Out This 77 Minute Beating From Nine Inch Nails

December 9, 2013


These are just some of the highlights from Nine Inch Nails show from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on November 8.  The full show will be released on the Tension' Blu-ray/DVD coming out in the spring.  It will still leave you a sweaty, bruised mess though.  The new Nine Inch nails is an ever evolving project that has already gone through a few line up changes.  Trent Reznor says he will have another new line up on the next leg of the tour. The visual parts in the video below are stunning.  If you aren't sweating by the time they finish "March Of The Pigs/Piggy" then you must be some kind of robot.



Nine Inch nails photo by Brandon Dusseau.