Avenged Sevenfold Bring 'Hail To The King' To Life

December 9, 2013

Finally, the 'Hail To The King' animated series will be premiering this Sunday on Happy Hour's Youtube Channel.  I'm excited about this because Avenged Sevenfold worked with the makers of 'Metalocalypse', which is THE Heaviest animated series ever!  The series will also be accompaniment to the mobile game to be released on the same day.  You can more details on that here.  Check out the trailer to the 'Hail To The King' animated series below.  Warning: If you don't like sex, violence, skull faced knights, giant sword wielding ogres, Metal, or any other thing that makes life fun and worth living..then don't watch this and never leave your home.


Avenged Sevenfold photo by Christian Milsje Check his stuff out, it's pretty good!