Please Support Nick In His Run To Help Beat Nb!

August 11, 2017

Hey gang - Nick here. If anyone is feeling charitable and wants to support a radio pal running for a good cause, please consider donating as Nick/I/Me (you get it) run the Falmouth Road Race Sunday August 20th to help Beat Nb. Here's my donation page (as the crazed Pats fan I am I'm sure you'll appreciate the team name)...

One of Nick's high school friends started the organization after his son was stricken with neuroblastoma - a rare, cruel cancer that affects children usually under five years old. Visit their site to learn more about the amazing work they do -

Here's a video showing you the kind of support Beat Nb as a foundation has garnered in a short amount of time...

And please read the incredible story of Nick's friend Pat and his battle to help save his son, Will...and the incredible, life-saving foundation that's emerged from their struggle, heart and sacrifice -

Cancer can GFY. And nothing is worse than a child being sick and being deprived of the joy of childhood, and what everyone deserves at first; a chance. A chance to play. A chance to learn. A chance to live their life. So if you have a few extra bucks for a good cause I'm running seven post-vacation miles for it. Hit me up ([email protected]) if you make a big donation and Matty & I will do something nice for you on the radio.

Cheers & Shower Beers all! Let's Beat Nb!